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For little more than the cost of your monthly phone bill, just $69.95 a month, the Marketing Central Base Marketing Package expands your storefront’s marketing reach exponentially! Giving you a wealth of exciting opportunities for positioning, awareness and promotion.

There is a compelling short and long-term opportunity for those who believe that the convergence of the Internet with the mainstream business community is inevitable.

Exclusive and Prioritized Positioning - Only $69.95 per month

  1. Rotating Banners— Your storefront banner will rotate on the home page, Welcome and Start-up pages, My Place pages, Affinity Network home pages, Directory pages, as well as on autorepsonder emails and surveys.
  2. Links— Your storefront links will be placed in a pool from which all Business Planners and Affinity Network's choose links for their pages.
  3. In house Newsletters— In addition to banners and links, you can promote your storefront by writing a column, offering tips or placing an Advertorial in our newsletters
  4. Out of House Newsletters— Faciliation of Your Branded newsletter going to Your database
  5. Exposure to 100 + million potential customers via generic banner ads on EBay, Amazon, MSN, Google, Yahoo, and CEO Express
  6. E-mail campaigns— Send your unique message to all members via email once per month
  7. FREE Search Engine Optimization Exposure— Via and other Affinity Network’s search engine optimization efforts
  8. Lead Generation Program— Your storefront will be submitted to a lead generation company for consideration (further fees would apply if accepted)
  9. Incentive Programs— Choose from a wide variety of high-value incentives, available to you at little or no cost, to boost response to all your marketing efforts

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