Never in the history of mankind have we had access to as many services to enhance our lives. Whether it is a person, company, group or government entity, there is an endless supply of companies trying to make a living by meeting our needs. It can become a full time job just shifting through them all. We all kind of need our own “Concierge”!

We provide you with your own secure and private login to a 'virtual office', 'dashboard', or 'home page' that we call “My Place”. You can grab a coffee or your favorite energy drink and run your world with the lift of your index finger on your “new pet” the mouse.

Everyday we talk to companies from around the world, some we never talk to again, some we say, “go back, fix it and return with an updated model”, others we say, “come join us!”

Some of our suppliers are icons and “have seen it all”, others are new kids on the block with “cutting edge stuff” that others have only dreamed of, whatever the case, we are committed to finding and providing you with the best value for the best price.

So let's take a look at the services

Here are some benefits that we have collected for our members.
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